10,000 unique mutant species created from mutation of cats and apes dna living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Public Minting – 15Th November 2021 2PM EST.
Genetically Engineered Species – Mutant Ether Babies
  • These are the next BlueChip NFTs

  • Expertly engineered with 340+ traits

  • Owning a Meb will serve as a pass to play the Mebs Subway Game

  • Meb Gamers will be rewarded with Meb NFTs

  • 300 Meb NFTs will be pre-minted and allocated to Gaming wallet

  • Daily and weekly giveaway contests to members

  • 200 Mebs NFTs will be allocated to giveaway wallet

  • Huge weekly Buybacks to raise floor levels


10.000 Items
TBA owners
TBA ETH Volume Traded



Welcome to the Mutant Ether Babies Gaming and Metaverse section.

All updates regarding our gaming and metaverse will be uploaded in this section of the website.

These are scenes from our development team in respect to what we will launch for our community members sooner after we sell out 100% our MEBs Collection.

Stay Tuned And Be Informed – Join The Next Level NFT Team.

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