Nirvana corp fronted the money to Ted, from accounting, who took his great grandmother’s pizza recipe book and never looked back. The only catch for old Ted was the pizzeria had to adopt the name of its lead financer, Nirvana corp. Initially, the first few pies had to be prepped and cooked in Ted’s mom’s house. This was because of a Peruvian jumping cricket pandemic that came in on the building supplies we ordered for the building. This was only a minor setback, and it wasn’t long until the big ovens were fired up and pumping out the rest of the round cheesy bread wheels. The recipe book originally had 5000 different pizza variations in it, but after immigrating over a century ago, some of the pages have become lost. Ted was able to lock down 4499 of them. The thing that makes these slices so special, is that they can only be made once each and then never again. Hence how every customer is guaranteed a unique slice of pizza. Maybe in the future, Ted will be able to come up with some recipes of his own, or with even better luck, be able to find some of the missing pages. Until then, bon appetit!