Two Factions is a collection of 8,888 characters evolving in a futuristic space dystopia. Be a part of the story.
2 factions, 8,888 NFT collectibles. 4th November 6pm UTC


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Led by three spaceships in the M:R fleet, the mission is deceptively simple: find a new world that can support human life. With a time scale of a thousand years or more, the mission will send the fleet travelling through infinite, mysterious, and dangerous space.

Defender Six and Striker One are two ships engineered to protect the Mothership, which is carrying a vulnerable cargo: thousands of humans in metahibernation. Their minds stay active in an artificial reality crafted to mimic Tokyo, the last livable human city. Their very own metaverse.

This comfortable virtual world and the harsh physical reality of the Cyborgs and Sairos that protect it are vastly different. Yet they are also inextricably connected, affecting each other in unforeseen ways.

While a sea of unconscious humans dreams of Tokyo, two factions are forming around them. Some believe that human life is weak, touting AI as the logical next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Others oppose the view, remaining loyal to their original mission.



Will you side with humans or join the revolution? Your decision will shape the course of the mission. Choose your faction.


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