Kiss and Roy (KAR) is a 10,000 piece NFT collection living on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Kiss The Heart and Roy The Robot are characters in an immersive art and music world created by the multimedia artist Max Archos.

The KAR 10K collection is a unique generative art project featuring both characters with separate sets of assets. The collection features two 1 of 1s, “The Original Kiss” and “The Original Roy”, and 120+ traits between two generations of art with an immense amount of variation and rarities. The world of Kiss and Roy features digital and physical collectibles, merch and music events held for our community & holders.

It is important to us that our project, roadmap and team are transparent to our community & holders. We are independent artists that are dedicated to creating a high-quality NFT collection from an existing art world and giving back to our community in more than one way.


10.000 Items
TBA owners
TBA ETH Volume Traded

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