Swampverse is the home of 9600 pixel generated frogs that croak on the Ethereum blockchain. Enjoy utility & benefits only to swampverse holders. Our goal is to help anyone journey their way into the NFT world successfully. Join the strong tight-knit community today & have fun!

In hopes of saving the rare Swampian race, the Genesis toads were tasked with finding a new place to settle and call home. After what felt like an eternity of roaming and browsing the universe the Genesis toads discovered an abandoned swamp, with enough potential to support the future of the Swampian race. This breathtaking marshland would forever be known as the Swampverse. A swamp, unlike any other in the universe, with copious greenery, saturated soils, and a vast environment to evolve. With a home secure, the Genesis strategically combined their DNA with the remaining !vibe to produce, the first and last generation, of 9600 distinctive Swampverse toads. Each individual toad will live its life, but they will prosper together as a community.

However, the journey has just started.

The Genesis are out of !vibe, and they are ascending into Swamphalla to rest after fulfilling their noble duty. The 9600 toads are left to decipher The Lore, and work together to conquer their biggest challenge …….

Genesis Toads

The genesis is the first of their kind. Only 96 exist in the universe. All genesis Toads are 1 of 1’s, fully animated, including the background as well. Their utility is still being researched at the lab in Utopia. All we know is:


  • 32 Genesis Toads will be airdropped to holders who hold 2 or more toads.
  • The 64 remaining will be stealth dropped.
  • Gain access to Swamphalla.
  • Release sometime in Swampmap v2.


In order to expand & save the Swampian race, the Genesis fused their DNA together and created 9600 unique toads. Not only do these have sweet utility, but they also fit perfectly in all of your favorite social networking sites as your profile picture. Toads love to croak, which generates a $TOKEN. Some of their other exciting utilities are


  • Burn any 2 toads together in your wallet for a mysterious creature with X $TOKEN.
  • Unlock exclusive channels in the Discord server.
  • Have a vote in the community.
  • Unlock a 3D / VX version with X $TOKEN.
  • Yield X $TOKEN a day.

Mysterious Creature

These mysterious swamp creatures are still being researched at the janky lab in Swampville on what they exactly do. The Lore shows a name for them, but it seems to be unreadable. Only the technology founds in Utopia can be used to decipher the Lore currently…


9.600 Items
4.4K owners
2.0K ETH Volume Traded

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