These wolves are you.

”We represent the human struggle in city life. We are all these wolves, and like these wolves, we are constantly at war. The story of Wots emerged at this point.”

Yes, the wolves of Wots are at war in the city.

Don’t wait to be in this war. Join the wots family now. Why, as a team, we will not remain just an nft project, we will share the game of wots war with you in time and enter the metaverse world. Thus, the wots nfts in your hand will be your key. With this key, you will be able to create and play teams.

With over 100+ accessories and 250,000,000 unique wolves.

”We will randomly produce and distribute only 10k of them for you. 

You will be able to mint 10k of them. With the budget we have collected, we will determine one day of each month as the buyback day. As a team, we’ll pick it up from the market and airdrop it to you, our holders. So we’ll always be there for our community. For more, please see our roadmap.”


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